Flesh Wounds

by Stover

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released September 28, 2010


Justin Stover: Rhythm guitar, piano, vocals

Justin VanHaven: Guitar (rhythm and lead), bass, organ, piano, toy piano, BGVs

Nathan Kalish: Drums

Mat Churchill: Bass

Ben Abney: Lead Guitar

Dustin Anderson: Drums

For complete breakdown of musicians, click on individual song information.

Engineered by Justin VanHaven

Co-Produced by Justin Stover & Justin Vanhaven

Mastered by Matt Ten Clay

Album Cover art by Mark Bolek

All Songs Written By Justin Stover, except "Ladybug," written by Jeremy Stover

Copyright, 2010.



all rights reserved


Stover Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Track Name: Better Next Time
St. Theresa, I wanna meet ya
Your mystic ways are drawing me
into ecstasy.

But I've got issues
The kind that kill you
The not so pious type that just need
some forgiving


And you look lovely on TV
but so much better in front of me
standing on the corner of my crooked mind

And I still make the same mistakes
but I'm still weak enough for grace
and sister I just want to do better next time

Poor St. Francis, how did you manage
to stare at the sweet, young Claire and just see
the face of God

Cause, man, I tell you
it's not easy to do
when best intentions turn into such dirty thoughts


Saints and sinners
losers, winners
devils, angels, junkies, Jesus, and businessmen

Am I right or wrong?
Which side am I on?
Tell me will I ever be innocent again.

Track Name: Pickin' Apples
gonna eat, gonna drink, and we’re gonna be merry
halloween comes gonna dress real scary
witches hat and vampire tooth,
we’ll walk through the haunted woods
like we used to do

i’ll steal liquor from the store on the corner
while you swap jokes with the backslapping owner
he’s a friend of your mother, he’s a friend of your dad
his daughters the second best friend you never had

we’re pickin’ apples
we’re chasin’ seagulls
we're doing things we'll only wish
that we could do someday

when we are older
but we are younger nor
and if we keep it up i think
that we'll be ok

well the school we're attending is gonna be torn down
they're gonna build a new one
when money comes around
but you can't put your trust in the government
my dad's gonna tell you when he gets drunk again

oh he's not abusive but he's so damned lazy
if i stare at him it's gonna drive me crazy
i gotta run with you honey through the fields at night
till our feet are washed by the morning light
Track Name: Half Assed Revolution
put your voice
in a song
even if you can't sing
or get the words all wrong

cause music feels
so much to me
like the breath of god
like a prayer for peace


and i don’t need a flower in my hand
or some half-assed revolution
to feel a little love in my heart
to put the good kind of change
in my time

and whether hell above or heaven below
my song will mark my destination
so let me shine, lord let me shine

broken strings
and angel wings
they stoke my skin
with their melodies

and i’m a better person
only when i’m drunk
off of simple rhythms
and the songs we’ve sung


hell no, i won’t
give up the dream
even if it kills me
or makes me unclean

cause my heart is racing
with joy and pain
i’d rather die from trying
then live in vain
Track Name: Ladybug
the confines of my room are painful
the house fills up with salty rain
but it sure is nice outside

door flies open, but i stay put
cause some cruel ghost has stapled my foot
in whom can i confide?

can’t stop, can’t go any further
the only way out is the way that i came in
but i don’t do things that way, i don’t know, i’ve never tried

because i’m ten feet off the ground
and i’m spinning all around
i see you say by me you’ll stay
but in my eyes i see you up and fly away

thoughts of you cannot console me
so i pretend to watch the tv but
it won’t wash you away

minutes move like years of sorrow
hoping for some happiness tomorrow
cause i don’t want to live my life this way

because outside the sun is shining bright
but night is day and day is night
and i can’t live life this way, i don’t know, i’ve never tried

Track Name: New Wine, Moonshine
in the corner of my memory
in the corner of this bar
there’s a juke box spinning tear drops
and a girl i can see from afar

and she has got the kind of face that i
cannot forget when i’m a sober man
so i’m gonna drink until i am convinced
that i just don’t give a damn

she’s my new wine, she’s my moonshine
she’s my long hungover dream
and the piano is the drunk one, you know
but it’s not, no it’s not drunk as me