Shining from Shook Foil

by Stover

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released May 10, 2009

Justin Stover: lyrics, piano, guitar, bass
Ben Abney: lead guit
Michael Riley: BGVS
Dustin Anderson: drums, percussion, organ
Ryan Prins: bass, organ

Co-Produced by: Justin Stover, Dustin Anderson
Engineered by Dustin Anderson
Mastered by Matt TenClay
Album Artwork by Sam Carbaugh
All lyrics written by Justin Stover, except "Scarecrow," written by Dave Gutter.



all rights reserved


Stover Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Track Name: Deeper than Darkness
your mind is deeper than darkness
your might is meeker than violence
in time i hope to believe that you love me
because, at least, from my perspective
the truth is always subjective
and as i see it you are a billion miles away

i've prayed and prayed to be healed of
all the things that i'm still unsure of
my body's insides that i never will see
i've touched your robe in my imagination
but i still feel this heavy sensation
of death of despair of the fear that i'm going insane

but my lord, I won't give up
be it an empty or spilling cup
and this is first time i'm not wanting to kill myself
i finally believe my life is worth
each damned second since my birth
and my lord, i hope you recognize this wealth

your mysteries are confusing
your paintings always abuse me
each time you stare at me so emotionlessly
and the light feels good but i want the real things
cut grass the oceans and dead leaves
an angel awakening me at night

maybe your old mother mary
is up all night interceding
begging you to let this cup pass me by
oh i'm begging you to please listen to her
my soul's fine, my body needs the savior
i promise my future will be worth the fight

Track Name: Angela's Echo
if riddles and rhymes steal a space in your mind
then it's finally time for you to worry
for the life you once knew is now a stranger to you
and the truth is a wandering mystery

and truth it may fly to the grayest of clouds
and then hide in a raindrop awaiting the ground
or maybe it sneaks in between satin sheets
with the lover you'll never see again

in once knew a girl with the brightest of curls
that echoed the red in her hair
her eyes stole the sky from the bluest of night
and her kisses controlled all my prayers
and my prayers they flew to the grayest of clouds
and then hid in a raindrop awaiting the ground
or maybe they sleep in between satin sheets
with the love i'll never see again

well i still believe in a world where we'll breathe
with the red flowers greeting the sky
but the faith i find there fills the blue ocean air
and escapes as the day turns to night

and faith it may fly to the grayest of clouds
and then hide in a raindrop awaiting the ground
or maybe it sleeps in between satin sheets
with the lover we'll never see again.
Track Name: Evan Dando & Heroin
dope fiends pot heads and Jim Beam virgins
i'm not drunk yet, but i'm still learnin'
how to be as cool as the singer from The Lemonheads

you see in 8th grade i bought their brand new album
i sang along with it each night in my bedroom
oh it's a shame about kurdt cobain's death


but evan dando tore down the fence
between a boy's wet dream and a girl's first dance
where the fashion's flannel under dirty hair left long

and i just want someone who thinks i'm special
a grunge rock dream not some prom queen asshole
and i hope she won't chuckle at the heroin
i've never done

all the teenage girls with their baby curls
split the game in half with cartwheels and twirls
oh they've starved themselves into mini skirts and smiles

cuz that's what it takes to be beautiful
that's he price you pay for a mouth that's full
of the seed and the sweat of the guy with the car and the style

chorus (but for me)

dc talk's still selling their fad religion
but thomas kinkaide still can't paint crucifixion
cuz you can't be light if there's darkness in your paint

so i praise the lord and i push record and i lift my voice
and i strum a chord oh it's sad and it's sweet
sure to make the ladies faint

chorus: (and one day)

surrealist poets still chasin' the dragon
grunge rockers still fallin' off the wagon
and the new millennium makes me feel old

and evan i read that you awoke
to the sound of planes and the smell of smoke
as the towers fell from your eyes to the ground below

chorus: (and I hear) (but i found)
Track Name: Linda Lee
if i could just sober up
long enough to save a buck
i would spend it on dinner for three
me, myself, and linda lee

i'd wash and dry my sunday best
wear it on wednesday after i rest
from my busy day of living with me
waiting for linda lee


cuz there's a puddle that catches the rain underneath
a flickering sign that still shines in between
someone and somewhere, nowhere and nobody

and though i never have spoken to the one that i love
we still kiss in a dream and, for me, that's enough
cuz awake i'm alone, but asleep i'm with linda lee

well keeping warm is quite a chore
when the window's broke and the blankets are worn
but that's alright cuz i still see
my framed photo of linda lee

and the music plays from far away
in a bar downtown where i spend my days
with the red lights flickering for all to see
everyone but linda lee


well some folks smile and some regret
children dream what their parents forget
but no part of reality
compares to my photo of linda lee

and someday i hope to give her a call
cuz hoping's much better than alcohol
but i won't trade whiskey for cookies and tea
or photographs for linda lee

Track Name: Outside of an Icon
a plastic prayer to a plastic divinity on my wall
my left arm is numb, and i'll put my faith in anything at all


i'm on the outside of an icon
my heart is beating like a bass drum
and i don't want to breathe my last breath
i don't want to leave this world with just my death

my friends all say
that i spend too much of my time all alone
through their e-mails and messages left on my cell phone
and i know that they are right, but i don't want to leave
these almighty paintings
i'm staying up all night, and calling afternoons my mornings



should i just stay here and wait for a miracles kiss?
the doctor costs too much so i can't go back
i'm clutching this old rosary so hard it's making marks
it may seem crazy but for now it's all i have

Track Name: The Dodson Twins Have Their Revenge
we drove across the day on the interstate
drinking cheap wine and singing the blues
it's a life that's forced on us
not one that we choose

you'd think the cop cars would turn on their sirens
but we just smile and we drive right by them
i guess we're not worth the price of a speeding ticket

you and i we look exactly alike just like our father's father's favorite sons
we think the same thoughts, use the same hands
to point the same guns

but we've always been different
than the people around us
we've always been strangled
by the ties that bind us
so now it's high time to declare
a little war on the world


you gotta spend a little time on the new york times
to get your face noticed in this town
you gotta raise a little hell
to build your own heaven on the ground

and when you share the same womb
then you're bound to share
the same fate racing all the way to nowhere
and i don't mind dying young
i just never ever want to die alone

the people in the parking lots will be too busy
to even know that they've been hit
our neighbors will be too surprised to understand it

the priest across the street, he will try to explain
that the heart of man is dark,
and the word will say the same
while the saints up in the sky
will spend the night praying for our souls


we're gonna stick together, brother
through the thick and thin
we're gonna never-ever be apart
and if anybody tries to get in our ways
we're gonna stop them before they start

cuz there's a meanness in this world,
and it tastes so sweet
there's an anger in our hearts
that keeps us on our feet
and if there's a God above
I know he's surely entertained by what he sees

Track Name: Just a Boy
there's a gas can in the kitchen
next to a pot of flowers
and a gramophone in the basement
buried under some moldy towels

and the cupboards in the pantry
are patched with wood from a ukulele
that my grandpa gave me when he was just a boy

oh there's not much food on the table
since my father's plow truck broke down
and the hydro shut off the electric
so my friends, they never come 'round

and there's a guitar neck sticking out of the stove
the trombone case is the next to go
that my father carried when he was just a boy

well the neighbors were watching TV
as i doused the house with gas
and my brother was kissing his first date
when i first struck that match

and as i watched our house turn into flames
i knew our life wouldn't be the same
when they asked why i did it, i said, 'i am just a boy'

well my father saw the fire
as he pissed beside the church house
and he knew my mom was alright
that she was gossiping on her friends couch

oh, a tear fell down his dirty cheek
it was neither sad nor bitter sweet
as he wished that once again
he was just a boy
Track Name: Brooklyn Bridge
there are places i never will go
and height that i never will grow
but i've met enough people
and walked enough miles
to be thankful for each day

still, there's scenery stuck in my head
every thought makes me want to go back
to the shadows of buildings
the subways connecting
us both to unusual places

and i don't need to smoke anymore
cuz your breath fills my lungs with such wonderful air
so let's take a taxi to the brooklyn bridge
just to ride with the night across there

well the neighborhood's a stranger to you
but the walk is a day dream come true
past the brick bakery that you saw on tv
a man on a flying trapeze

but there's an angel and the devil on the corner
guess their tired of sitting on our shoulder
even the best days can become the worst days
evil and light fall in love

and she's as brave as a monster
but sweet as the summer
and softens the night with her stare
she hails yellow taxis to the brooklyn bridge
just to ride with the night across there

today i'll be sleeping in
it's always been my greatest sin
and i'll dream of a city where everything's perfect
where nobody's lonely or tired

maybe i'll wake up for supper
see what new york's got to offer
nobody knows me
nobody cares
i'm just a lone traveler
with change in my hand

and new york may just be some distant abstraction
a place to escape from your cares
to hail yellow taxis to the brooklyn bridge
just to ride with the night across there

the rain pours cold from the sky
my greyhound is leaving at five
i hail the first cab and is it in the back
but i don't want to go to the station

driver, take me 'cross the east river
i smoke my cigarette to the filter
and, sir, when we get across town turn around
again and again and again and again

and it's hard not to wonder if all my mistakes
damned me long before i met her there
where we hailed a taxi to the brooklyn bridge
just to ride with the night across there
Track Name: Minstrels-Poets
and if the roof had caved in that night
i would have died a happy boy
hear the trumpets blowing through the sound
of a guitar strummed with joy

and my father would pray almost every day
cuz he knew that life gets cold
but the music always sounded so wonderful
that i swore i'd never grow old

but you can't keep the magic alive for all time
or give bones to a dream with a song
you best grip the hand of the muse when she comes by
moments they don't last so long


minstrels, poets, life as we know it
is dying for a song
so pen some stanzas that turn us to dancers
and a rhythm that moves it along

wake up mr. deadman
won't you dig up your guitar
and walk the line just one more time
through the burning lake of fire

cuz heaven is not your home,
you're just passing through
there's a time for death and to resurrect
to fall in love and to sing the blues

Track Name: Scarecrow
i'm miles away
memories still save
that covered bridge
where our names are still engraved

you turn to go
i turn to leave
then you turned to go
and i turned to leaves

in the cool shade
where the sycamore tree
paints a perfect portrait
of how i used to be

when i'm alone my mind it slows
you can be the smiling face on a scarecrow


but i know myself
i can't be like that
i can't help myself
i will always cry

keep my frown in a jar on the shelf
and put on my favorite smile
so far away
and my eyes stay blind

in my head
so i want to think about
and as i stop and stare
i've got to learn to live without
seems easy in the end
when i've already lost a lover
i can learn to lose a friend


under a stone in the back i grow a flower for you dear
a flower that's so beautiful is now dying i fear
so i watered it everyday and i ripped out every weed
how could you think i would let it wilt when it builds from just a seed